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The Transition

Posted by Admin on January 8, 2022

Over the past year, we have had to make take very hard decisions to shape the way we operate. We have had to refine our processes and structures from the inside out. This is necessitated revisions to our image, our brand and our company. As of 2021, we were POLEN PROPERTIES. We have operated under this banner for about 5 years since our inception. But as of today, we have fully transitioned over to a new domain, a new name, a new company – everything new! The only thing that has not changed is our commitment to doing things quite differently (and better). We have carried over the core attributes that defined us as POLEN PROPERTIES and we are excited about the times ahead as we serve you as POLEN REALTY.

The switch and move-over means our online profiles have been updated to reflect the changes. We have transitioned from polenproperties.com to polenrealty.co (yes, it’s “dot co”, NOT “dot com”). All our previous emails at “@polenproperties.com” are still valid but now accessible at “@polenrealty.co”.

Our social media pages have also been updated from “@polenproperties” to “@polenrealty“. Follow us, like our pages, subscribe to our channels – amazing content and updates coming up and we can’t wait to share them with you.

These changes mean we hold ourselves to very high standards and will settle for nothing less. This means we push ourselves to be better, serve better, improve and still be better.

It’s a new year, and we are excited for the times ahead. We are humbled by how far we have come but we are energised to take to pursue the fantastic times awaiting us. Be a part of our story. Partner with us. Work with us. We are POLEN REALTY and we do things quite differently (and better). We want to help you find the perfect place to make your home.

Start with us at polenrealty.co.

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