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Posted by PR Admin on August 21, 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many home sellers do not see the need to prepare their homes when they list them for sale. These properties usually do not see much cleaning upon completion – dust and dirt fly around so freely. Just as the presentation of food makes it either appetising or uninviting, the state of a property during a viewing or marketing can affect the mood of the deal.
A clean property gives the buyer a better idea of the place (s)he could call home. So misrepresenting what the property offers can make the “perfect home” a snub to potential buyers.

Some Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale

  • Clean Up
    An unkempt exterior will give an impression of poor maintenance even on the inside. Repaint if need be. Clean metal frames and glass windows. De-silt the drains. Make the entrance beautiful. Dust up, polish up, and give a shine to anything that needs it. Hire cleaners if you need to.
  • The Front Door
    This is what you see and touch before you enter your home. Make it worth looking at every day. Paint it in a beautiful and maybe contrasting colour to the property so it stands out.
  • Eliminate Bad Odours
    Keep the rooms smelling fresh during a viewing. It helps give your property a touch of “home sweet home“. We remember smells, scents and odours. Let the buyer leave with a good impression of how the property smells.
  • Upgrade the Landscape
    Mow the lawn, prune flowers, trim the bushes, weed around and keep the greens really green.
  • Light Up
    A bright room looks cheerful. Gradually, solo lights are fading out. Invest in good lighting.
  • Make Repairs
    Little tweaks make a big difference. Fix major defects. Replace broken switches, fix and plumbing, etc.
  • Organise and De-clutter
    A well-organised space gives an appearance ample space and roominess. Put away your personal items – buyers want to envision themselves in your home.
  • Make the bathroom a Spa
    Get some nice soft towels, bath oils and nice fragrances and candles to spice up the bathroom. Create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

First impressions, and they go a long way – make it count and let’s sell!


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