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Posted by PR Admin on August 21, 2019

Many home sellers do not see the need to prepare their homes when they list them for sale. These properties usually do not see much cleaning upon completion – dust and dirt fly around so freely. Just as the presentation of food makes it either appetising or uninviting, the state of a property during a viewing or marketing can affect the mood of the deal.
A clean property gives the buyer a better idea of the place (s)he could call home. So misrepresenting what the property offers can make the “perfect home” a snub to potential buyers.

Some Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale

  • Clean Up
    An unkempt exterior will give an impression of poor maintenance even on the inside. Repaint if need be. Clean metal frames and glass windows. De-silt the drains. Make the entrance beautiful. Dust up, polish up, and give a shine to anything that needs it. Hire cleaners if you need to.
  • The Front Door
    This is what you see and touch before you enter your home. Make it worth looking at every day. Paint it in a beautiful and maybe contrasting colour to the property so it stands out.
  • Eliminate Bad Odours
    Keep the rooms smelling fresh during a viewing. It helps give your property a touch of “home sweet home“. We remember smells, scents and odours. Let the buyer leave with a good impression of how the property smells.
  • Upgrade the Landscape
    Mow the lawn, prune flowers, trim the bushes, weed around and keep the greens really green.
  • Light Up
    A bright room looks cheerful. Gradually, solo lights are fading out. Invest in good lighting.
  • Make Repairs
    Little tweaks make a big difference. Fix major defects. Replace broken switches, fix and plumbing, etc.
  • Organise and De-clutter
    A well-organised space gives an appearance ample space and roominess. Put away your personal items – buyers want to envision themselves in your home.
  • Make the bathroom a Spa
    Get some nice soft towels, bath oils and nice fragrances and candles to spice up the bathroom. Create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

First impressions, and they go a long way – make it count and let’s sell!

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